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Naruto Manga end my thoughts
I  think Kishimoto has been stupid trolling us like that. He gave us lots of NaruSaku hints/parallels throught the whole manga and then, boom, nothing in the end. Kishimoto gave more or less 6 NaruHina hints in the whole  manga & it happened anyway. That just hurts too much. No sense. Sakura seemed over Sasuke and boom in 693-700 chapters she’s magically back into him. Not to speak of Sasuke that in the last chapter in 5 minutes  falls for Sakura. Before he tried to kill her, he didn’t care about her at all, called her annoying etc. That is just nonsense.
People can say Sakura may always loved Sasuke from the start & Naruto  accepted it  but Sasuke never showed love or even care toward her. Only in the end  he did. That’s pretty rushed. You don’t fall in love so fast. Before he even tried to kill her and now he loves her. Plus Sakura referred to Sasuke  as her lover with the past tense in the chapter where Sasuke uses the jutsu
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ep 365
“But in your case, you have me as your rival”
Nejiten moment ep 364.
Neji considers Tenten strong so a rival.
He always cared for her & valued her
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Nejiten moment chapter 664
I do NOT see it as a joke Tenten making fun of Neji. She is mad at Lee & Gai who are the ones being comical . Tenten remembers Neji saying: “Why did you leave me alone” this proves she misses Neji and feels alone now that he’s dead. Tenten also calls Gai and Lee idiots that proves that Tenten thinks Neji is cleaver, as she often says.
As for how Tenten pictures Neji (position) she thinks of him wicking that’s cute to her. He is smiling at her mind with a victory sign.
So I see this scene all pro Nejiten  
:iconsheila124:Sheila124 2 4
Keep calm and BE a Perceptionist by Sheila124 Keep calm and BE a Perceptionist :iconsheila124:Sheila124 0 1 Keep calm and BE a Suitor by Sheila124 Keep calm and BE a Suitor :iconsheila124:Sheila124 0 0 Keep calm and shp Jara by Sheila124 Keep calm and shp Jara :iconsheila124:Sheila124 0 0
The day of The Doctor review
The day of the doctor was amazing!!!!!! Full of Whouffle!! Clara behaved like River a lot :D. 11 is HER doctor!!! She even knows his name. She kissed him. He enjoyed. She'll definitely treat the 12th like he was the 11 to me. She saw him, she saw them all. I enjoyed 10th x Clara & 10 x Elisabeth. I missed 10thxRose though. I think I
know why there was a lack of 10th x Rose because she married 10th Human form already. Rose in this ep was also a kind of echo. She was invisible so that's why  the 10th could not see her but he sensed her for a min. That's a hint. I enjoyed Rose being called Bad Wolf & the special effects. Even though River wasn't in this ep it's clear Eleven didn't forget her he evoked her in saying "Spoilers" that was so cool. I had so much fun with Eleven x 10th.
I'll be ok if Clara will consider the 12th alike 11th because he will be always  her doctor after all. The tenth agrees with me because he told Clara to hang tight. So I think he meant to not let go 11
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Whouffle poem
Whouffle poem for Doctor Who season 7 finale
Made by me
He has to go
But she’ll never let his essence go
She  smiles and cries remembering all the moments together
He holds her face in his hands, pokes her nose and kisses her,
He says : “ Stay, you my impossible girl and remember me”
She nods, he smiles.
 She :“Watch me stay”
He smiles, he rubes her and fades away….
She runs, looks to the sky
His essence answers her shining bright
She smiles, she knows he’ll be there forever
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I ship Delicity by Sheila124 I ship Delicity :iconsheila124:Sheila124 0 0 monsuno - I ship Princessshipping by Sheila124 monsuno - I ship Princessshipping :iconsheila124:Sheila124 0 0
Bye Harvey/Jessica Suits
harveydonnaOf course, for a show about lawyerin’ and bein’ attractive (pretty sure that was the pitch), it’s only natural to expect everyone to hook up. But show creator Aaron Korsh raised the stakes with Harvey and Donna, whose rapport screams previous sexual tension. And since their relationship resembles that of a heroic but flawed husband and all-knowing wife, audiences are always welcome to the possibility of that tension resurfacing.
Harvey and Donna can have their fun being single in these streets, but Suits fans would have their romantic druthers were they to ride into the Westchester County sunset when the series ends.
I f___in’ love Suits.
I KNEW it :(. Bad for me. Bye Jarvey.
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Why I ship Harvey / Jessica
Why I ship Harvey / Jessica in Suits:
1 – They’re alike, talking about behavior, they like kicking asses, they don’t like losing and they are strong + sure of themselves. They know what they want.
2 – Jessica was the first person to find him & she fought to bring him with her in the firm. He followed her. He was her first senior partner.
3 – They have huge chemistry and they sometimes tease each other. Sometimes it looks like they have feelings for each other.
4 – Harvey is the first person she has ever rubbed/touched to comfort.
5 – They respect each other a lot and even when they don’t, they look hurt/sad at each other. Harvey even drinks when he decides to take over the firm from Jessica because it hurts too much.
6 – I know deep inside they will always make up if they fight.
7 – To me it seems Jessica has a crush on him but she knows he loves Donna and she stands aside. ( I adore that). At times it seems Harvey forgets abo
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Delena at risk but no giving up! (READ DESC) by Sheila124 Delena at risk but no giving up! (READ DESC) :iconsheila124:Sheila124 0 0 Suits pairings by Sheila124 Suits pairings :iconsheila124:Sheila124 0 0 For All Whouffle Fans by Sheila124 For All Whouffle Fans :iconsheila124:Sheila124 4 0
yayyyyyyy!!!!! My wish has been granted! Perception renewed!! yay I could have an heart attack! Thanks! I hope for more!
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NaruSaku - Chocolate by mattwilson83 NaruSaku - Chocolate :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 106 30 Blacklist Liz Red by falconfliesalone Blacklist Liz Red :iconfalconfliesalone:falconfliesalone 7 2
'For all the Leo/Karai and April/Donnie shi
Gotta love Behind the scenes footage....even if it's only for the game! ROB PAULSEN, MARRY ME!!!!
Journal made by Bitsy83, a fellows shellhead
:icontmnt2012:TMNT2012 10 23
please watch this is urgent
So watch the link and tell me about your thoughts of what's going to happen. I'm so worried for apriltello I don't want to watch this weekends episode
:icondonnie-x-april-2012:Donnie-x-April-2012 5 34
Troy and Emma ^_^ by vik94 Troy and Emma ^_^ :iconvik94:vik94 21 7 narusaku lover by x-narusaku-x narusaku lover :iconx-narusaku-x:x-narusaku-x 286 144 MLP: Flash Sentry x Twilight by benkomilk MLP: Flash Sentry x Twilight :iconbenkomilk:benkomilk 2,031 385 Into the forest by migueruchan Into the forest :iconmigueruchan:migueruchan 45 0 I got you by Starry-noon91 I got you :iconstarry-noon91:Starry-noon91 150 48 Cheese! by SchokoPanda Cheese! :iconschokopanda:SchokoPanda 237 69 April and Donnie by TropicalSnowflake April and Donnie :icontropicalsnowflake:TropicalSnowflake 156 46 Dax and Jinja by aquaheartthecat Dax and Jinja :iconaquaheartthecat:aquaheartthecat 8 15 end of the shinobi war by PumyteH end of the shinobi war :iconpumyteh:PumyteH 429 82 Naruto and Sakura by manzr Naruto and Sakura :iconmanzr:manzr 678 143
Monsuno Shipping Names updated!
There are new characters so I've decided to make some new shipping names. I'll list the old ones and then the new ones~
Here's what we've got:
Jinja x Beyal -  Monkshipping
Chase x Jinja - Monotoneshipping
Dax x Jinja -  Princessshipping
Dax x Chase - Trustshipping
Chase x Bren - Broshipping
Jinja x Bren -  Nerdshipping
Chase x Jon - Pilotshipping, Warriorshipping, Monsunoshipping, Mutualrespectshipping
Jon x Trey - Soldiershipping (CHANGED/UPDATED)
Medea x Lat - Assassinshipping, Darkspinshipping
Chase x Beyal - Visionshipping
Jon x Beyal - Tazershipping XD
Bren x Beyal - Knowledgeshipping
Dax x Beyal - Polarshipping
Dax x Charlemagne - Militaryshipping
Dr. Klipse x Chase - Nightmareshipping
One-Eyed Jack x Freedomstriker - Freedomshipping
One-Eyed Jack x Locke - Pilgrimshipping
Medea x Charlemagne - Allyshipping
Medea x Chase - Honorshipping
Bren x Pony - Ponyshipping, Heavenshipping, Equineshipping
Bren x Dax - Distrustshipping
Tel x Medea - LittleWolfshipping
And her
:icongeekwayne:GeekWayne 3 50
Perv Natsu (I Got It Version) by DSM164 Perv Natsu (I Got It Version) :icondsm164:DSM164 205 100



Current Residence: Villa Guardia como Italy
Favourite genre of music: pop, rock metal
my new NaruSaku & Nalu facebook page if you are their fans please join!…



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